Bney Meir Ltd. is a private company established in 1954.

Bney Meir specializes in importing, marketing and servicing a wide range of electro-mechanical equipment and Ground Support Equipment (G.S.E.) manufactured by leading worldwide companies, which we exclusively represent. 

Our Israeli customer list includes governmental organizations as the Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli Air Force and Navy, Israel Airports Authority, military industries, airline companies as well as the main industrial and private enterprises.

Bney Meir's facilities are situated in the centre of Israel and include offices, workshop, warehouse with thousands of shelf items and a quality control department.

Our staff of skilled workers comprise of marketing, technical and trained, certified servicing personnel.

We own a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles to give after sales and warranty service to our customers.

Bney Meir is ISO 9001:2015 certified.



All the company's departments work under the strict supervision of the Standards Institution of Israel .